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The Guardian Takedown....

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

So where to begin.... I think we can all agree this is the hardest content in the game as of now even with its original nerf.

lets talk about what the take down involves. firstly we are welcomed by the natural Forna of the planet which I actually quite enjoyed fighting. Then we are welcomed to what I actually hate the most about this takedown.... the jumps, why the game expects us to play leap frog around this map and if you lag or miss the platforms it punishes you by making you start right from the start. It is beyond me especially when it is quite clearly annoying for every player. I have not met a single person who enjoys this part of the game. The take down in my opinion is made difficult by only this factor, which i find highly annoying, I think the difficulty should revolve around actual combat mechanics and also how hard the boss is to actually kill for example they could incorporate different immunities throughout a boss fight or just give them way more health without annoying immunity phases.

The platforms also mean if you want to play with someone from another country and they are the host get ready to be spectating as the lag will just kill you or turn you invisible either way...

On a positive note the aesthetics of the map and the guardians are amazing and it is one of my favourite looking areas in the game.

I have heard people moan about the crystal segment of this takedown and its to hard and they just fail part way through. This is not the games fault it just means your build isn't good enough and you aren't doing enough damage, or following the mechanics correctly. I understand that can be a hard pill to swallow but I have been there myself when testing builds.

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