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Moze Builds 

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Moze Builds: Guides

Melee Moze (Amp - White elephant)

Explosive melee build dealing amp shots and instant shield regeneration!


Perma Frost Bear Build (Iron bear Build)

99% time in your iron bear freezing everything with cry rounds followed by them dying!


Moze The Destroyer (Blastmaster)

A very high damage build focussing on sustain fire with massive amounts of splash damage, Great for people who like to run glass cannon play styles.


Radiation Moze (Bloodletter)

This build is ideal for anyone that likes having huge survivability and also blowing everything up with radiation!


Green Monster Moze

Elemental madness, this build can take down anything without ever having to reload using a multitude of elements!


Ice Spark Moze (slam build)

This is the most unusual and unique build available to move, just slam and watch everything die.

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